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Hip Travel Writer Interns Wanted

posted Mar 19, 2009, 12:24 PM by Ron Whitman   [ updated Mar 19, 2009, 12:27 PM ]

Seeking enthusiastic interns to work as Travel Writers for new "alt-travel" website "Where's Cool?" -

This is a good unpaid part-time telecommute internship position for someone working towards a career in travel writing. We're trying to expand our worldwide guide to low-budget, independent, underground and authentic stuff to do globally and are in need of writers to help make it happen. We are based in Los Angeles.

The site: is "A budget travel community your mom probably wouldn't find useful." Its designed to help 18-35 yr old creative travelers post and find cheap, indie, and authentic stuff to do in cities around the world. Its like Yelp meets Tripadvisor for broke hipsters. If you have ever seen (before it was bought by Curbed) this is the kind of vibe we're going for.

The website is currently a "public alpha" meaning that it is still under construction, however publicly accessible so that new users can add things to the website. We have been inviting limited numbers of people to use the site and add quality content. Around April, we are going to launch a "Guides" feature for the site where interested users can create their own specialized travel guides to any city. We need your help in compiling some of these guides, and adding the relevant places and photos to the website before the feature launches.

In the future, these guides will be able to be shared across other websites, and purchased by users as downloadable e-books, giving you a payment for every guide sold. Its a great opportunity to be one of the first guide authors on the site.

I am a web designer / programmer / manager who has been building web communities for 8 years as owner of my company Zenji Web Development LLC. I have worked on numerous large sites and have firsthand experience with content writing. I conceived, designed and built Where's Cool? by myself. 

My partner is a former VP at HSBC and comedy writer / actor.

We're serious business mixed with irreverent humor.

The business is currently seeking funding (and penniless), meaning that while we'd love to hand out paying jobs it may be a few months before that happens.


- Have either a degree or are working on a degree
- Have been to a few different cities and traveled on a shoestring budget
- Interested in off-beat / underground travel, culture (music, art, fashion etc), and nightlife
- Are a competent web-user, with a knowledge of blogging, social networks (MySpace, Facebook, etc) and other social media
- Have a love of writing
- Big plus if you have spent time using Yelp or Tripadvisor

No prior experience or specialized skills are required.


- Collect, research and add "spots" and neighborhoods that would be relevant to the site
- Write and post creative reviews for places that you have selected
- Post photos of places you have selected to review
- Compile "Guides", consisting of a themed collection of places in a city and editorial for each, and add them to the site when the feature becomes available

I can adjust to any schedule or duration you require (or your school's internship program). We are located in Los Angeles, CA so working from home (aka telecommuting) is required.

This internship is unpaid. Writers who contribute under this internship program will have priority selection for paying work if it becomes available.

For consideration, please email your resume and contact info along with a writing sample. If you have a profile on Yelp or any travel-related site please indicate it.


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