Where's Cool? is looking for awesome creative photographers to add photos to the site.

Creative photography is something we're all about. So we're bringing on a few folks to scour the web for awesome photographers and invite them to upload some photos of their favorite spots and neighborhoods around the globe. We plan on featuring the best photos all over the place, posted in blog entries, emails and linked around the web for everybody to see.

Below are some tips for photographers on uploading photos to Where's Cool?

Photo Upload Guidelines & Tips
  • Every photo is associated with either a Spot or a Neighborhood, no exceptions for generic "city" photos.
    • We highly encourage photos of Spots to have something that shows the uniqueness of the spot in the photo
    • Neighborhood photos are always an opportunity for creativity
  • The feature isn't built yet, but in a month or so we'll have a way to hand-select the best photos to show up first on spots, neighborhoods and cities
  • The photo upload process is still a little buggy. We're really cash strapped (ain't everybody?) and need to pay some better programmers to fix it.
  • Suggested size of your photos is around 1-2MB
    • Too much larger and they won't upload
    • Any smaller and they'll get blown up and blurry
  • Photos must always be cropped to the 16x9 aspect ratio (like HD video). 
    • This creates a sucky situation for tall images. The only way around a vertical image is to go into photoshop and make it wider with a black background.
    • The reason they need to be cropped is because it encourages creativity, and keeps all the photos in a consistent format for the galleries.